Smoking Cigarettes Gives You Bad Breath and Stains your Teeth

Cigarette smoking causes many secondary effects on ourselves and on those around us. However, the two most notable effects on ourselves are bad breath and stained teeth.

The mouth of a regular smoker is never clean for long and rarely as thorough. There are tons of spaces and crevices that a morning brushing misses. And who really has time to floss and polish every morning and every night. Part of the bad breath is caused by this hygiene issue, but the other more common part is in the nature of the habit. Let’s say for example, that the average person smokes 20 cigarettes a day and sleeps 8 hours a night.
That leaves 16 hours and 20 cigarettes. It is likely that most smokers do hold regular jobs and have 2 breaks and a lunch hour. So, that means 3-4 cigarettes max per work shift, what’s left 16 cigarettes. That means before work and in the evening, that average smoker will consume around 16 cigarettes. That is disgusting, but you can now see why so many smokers have terrible breath, how can you expect the mouth to adapt to that environment. If you are still working up to quitting, ensuring you drink eight glasses of water a day will help with the bad breath and help keep our mouth clear of bacteria.

The second big issue with smoking that I mentioned was stained teeth. I used to love getting my picture taken until I started to notice stains on my teeth from excessive smoking. Nicotine stains are the worst. The stains can get between your teeth and into areas that you may miss with your regular cleaning. While regular dentist visits will help with this, it is not always possible to keep your mouth as white as you’d like. Stained teeth give off a negative impression and do not allow you to put you best foot forward. In between dentist visit, try brushing with baking soda to naturally remove the stains at home. But really the best way to keep your teeth white is to quit smoking for good.