Cigarette Smokers are Worse Than Junkies

Many smokers will defend their habit by saying that smoking cigarettes is their only vice. While I appreciate what they mean to say, I sincerely doubt that this is the truth, in most cases.

But thinking logically, what is there to defend, when talking about addiction to nicotine? What are the many advantages of nicotine and of smoking cigarettes that there are to defend? If smokers are so adamant about protecting their right to smoke where they please, and inflict upon us their countless self-justifications, they should be glad to explain what exactly they are defending.

Don’t get me wrong. I was a smoker for two decades, and I’ve done my share of explaining to non-smokers. But the truth is, I was addicted, like all smokers are to nicotine, and I would grasp at any straw, no matter how weak or ridiculous, in an attempt to justify not only to my friends, but to myself, my self-destructive habit!

The sad truth is that there is nothing to defend. You are addicted. The only reason you are smoking a cigarette now is that you smoked another one before. That’s it. And the cigarette you smoke now is the reason you’re going to smoke another one in a few minutes, or in an hour, or tomorrow morning.

Cigarettes do not make you look cool, they make you look weak and addicted. They do not make you smarter, and neither do they make you stronger – to the contrary.

Think of a junkie, someone addicted to heroin. He’s also got a highly destructive habit that’s eventually going to kill him, in all fairness probably much sooner than your cigarettes will kill you. But at least when he shoots up, he gets high. Really, really high. What do you get? You get a few moment’s peace from wanting a cigarette.

That’s it. So why do you smoke?