The Timing is Wrong to Quit Smoking

Excuses are always plentiful when you are trying to disrupt the status quo. Whether you are trying to diet, start an exercise program, change jobs or quit smoking. Once you review your stages of readiness and have decided that you want to quit smoking, do not fall into the trap of perfect timing.

Most of us try to live by a false sense of reality. We try to live with the belief that there is such a thing as the perfect time. We finish school, we get married, we have children all in the order of the way things should be. This belief in perfect timing is especially true for quitting smoking; there are tons of reasons to not change a thing. Change is difficult, so if you wait for the perfect time, you will still be waiting on your death bed.

Take action.

It is the most difficult part of any process. Sure you can think about change, you can plan for change. It is simple to imagine how your life will be better once the change is implemented. But it is the implementation phase, the doing it stage, that requires the desire, the will-power, and the strength. The time is right once you make the choice. Your life is in your hands and the timing will always be wrong until you tell yourself otherwise.

It is easy, just make the decision the quit and follow through.

I admit it; I was also petrified of failing at quitting. It took me at four solid attempts at quitting and the average is about the same. But, you can do better. All you have to do is decide and keep deciding to be a non-smoker. The timing will be right as soon as you decide to stop smoking. Only you can determine the perfect time. Regain the control!