Smoking Cigarettes is an Unhealthy Escape

In order to live and appreciate life fully, you must be a non-smoker. I’m sorry but it is true. Smoking is an escape. Think about it. You are stressed at your job or tired of hearing your spouse complain or nag you, you have an easy out, and you just slip outside and have a cigarette. Smoking provides a forced escape route for any uncomfortable situation.

So with this powerful psychological attachment in mind, I failed many attempts at quitting smoking. Sometimes after years of being smoke-free, the smallest insignificant thing brought me back to smoking. In general, I am an emotional person, and I feel very deeply. So after I quit smoking, I no longer had my usual break and forced deep breaths several times a day. I was a neurotic basket case and so my mind forced me to believe that smoking was the only way to live a ‘’normal’’ life. And for many years I was fooled by the addiction.

It was only after I quit with the wisdom in mind of accepting who I am and learning to cope with life instead of escaping it. And so, once I quit smoking with the knowledge of so many failed attempts I was ready to regain control over my life.

Your success is primarily dependant on knowing your reasons for smoking and being able to adapt your new life to them. Personally, I knew that I needed to take breaks from my work to regenerate my batteries, so when I quit smoking I continued going outside with my smoking buddies. I realised that I could have my escape and drink a coffee or have snacks while my buddies contaminated themselves. I was ready and I would not fail again. Escapism is important to us all, whether is it our week-end getaway, computer games, getting lost in a good book or going for a nice bike ride. You can be a non-smoker and still have your escape. Try it for yourself and you will see how easy it is to remain smoke-free once you rebuild your life to work with the new state. You’ll thank yourself for the gift, you can still get your escape but you determine the timetable not the dependence.