On Quitting Day, Count on your Social Network

So the big day has finally arrived. The day on which you will finally throw off the shackles of addiction, for good this time! You have planned your day perfectly; you have thrown away the night before, after one last cigarette, all your smoking paraphernalia, remaining cigarettes and lighters. You are ready, finally, to begin a new life as a non-smoker, not inhered or slowed down by the regular ingestion of poisonous fumes in your lungs and through them, of nasty toxins in every molecule of your body.

One of the most powerful tools you can and definitely should be able to count on, on the day that you quit smoking and in the following days and weeks, is your support network. Who or what is your support network? Your support network is everyone you know that cares about you and that is genuinely interested in your success in your endeavour to stop smoking cigarettes for good. Any good stop smoking program will rely heavily on your support network, as it is your most valuable asset in your fight to quit smoking.

Make sure that all the members of your support network are aware of the day on which you are to quit smoking. This will allow them to brace themselves to help. They will be available for you to call and count on should you need moral support – only YOU can quit smoking – and if they are a little organized, will have planned your quit smoking date down to the minutest detail with activities that will not leave you a minute to think, thus avoiding unnecessary temptation.

Your program to stop smoking should certainly involve your support and social network as much as they are willing to be used. Your friends, family and to a certain extent co-workers are the people that should care about you the most on this earth, and have an interest in keeping you around the longest possible. Rely on them.