Have a Glass of Juice instead of a Cigarette

Addictions have this funny way of tricking our minds into believing we need something that we don’t. I remember waking up in the morning and before even going to the bathroom or making coffee, I would light up a cigarette. Feeling stressed mid-morning? My solution: going for a cigarette. Feeling that afternoon lag – My solution… you guessed it: go out for a smoke. This is the lazy solution. It prevents rational thought or reason of any kind.

The next time you feel like having a smoke, don’t. Instead of smoking have a tall glass of freshly squeezed or natural juice. But drink it one sip at a time. Between sips of your beverage make sure to take a deep breath in, hold for 2 seconds and then release your breath. This will definitely recharge your batteries in a lasting way. By making actions in a conscious fashion it allows the time for the signals to be sent to your brain to let it know that you are satisfied.

Drinking juice with antioxidants will power up your day and bring lasting effects to your energy level, where as cigarettes will leave you quickly drained. As we all know cravings occur more frequently than our schedules allow for. Reaching for a glass of juice of water will force you to feel full and diminish your cigarettes craving. Also, reaching for a tasty beverage instead of a smoke will taste better and give you valuable nutrients instead of take then away and rot your teeth and bones.

Pick-me-ups come in many forms. Some people enjoy jetting outside for a cigarette doing yoga or going for a run. A quick, easy way to get a pick me up in any season, at any time of the day is by drinking juice. Drinking juice is a great pick-me-up that does not require special equipment or a require a partner. Drinking juice does not have a specified time frame, and can be done while a work. Drinking juice instead of a cigarette for a pick-me-up actually does just that because it does not force you to disrupt your life in order to indulge in a tasty beverage.

So next time you feel drained and want to reach for a smoke, simply pour yourself a glass of your favourite juice and savour.