Don’t Quit Smoking Cigarettes During the Holidays

Quitting smoking cigarettes can be a difficult and stressful endeavour, both physically and mentally, and for those reasons you should try to make things as easy on yourself as possible. Of course, getting rid of the nicotine, which is a source of stress, will help but quitting will be worse, at least at the beginning.

This is why you should set your date to quit smoking cigarettes in a non-stressful time of year, as well as a time of year when avoiding temptation will be easy. Two times of year I do not recommend for quitting are the holidays, and on your own birthday.

The holidays are full of temptation. Even in the best circumstances, if you weren’t trying to quit for instance, the temptation of overeating and drinking too much are everywhere, for an extended period of time. The holidays are a time of feasting and revelry, and not a time for self-control, responsibility and long term thinking. But that’s just me. What I would do – indeed, what I have done – is to quit smoking immediately after the Holidays, for example on the first Monday you return to work after new year. In my case I quit smoking on a Sunday night, after all the holiday hoopla was over. Quitting smoking cigarettes at that time also makes plenty of sense, as the post-Holidays period is usually a time of deprivation, when you try to regain control that was lost during the overindulging of the Christmas and New Year period.

The same goes true of your birthday. Don’t quit on the day of your birthday, you’ll just fail and have a crappy birthday. Just quit a few days later. Not just any day, of course, pick a date and stick to it, but make sure it is soon after your birthday, so you can still celebrate the milestone when it comes around.