Quit Smoking With a Friend

Because of all the pressure we put on ourselves in order to be successful, quitting smoking is often a very stressful time. Whether you are quitting cigarettes cold turkey, or with the use of a top-rated quit smoking program, the stress level itself can often make it so that you automatically fall back into your old smoking habits.

Stopping smoking cigarettes is a very lonely business, and in the end that’s the only way it can be. You either smoke or your don’t, and you are the only arbiter as to which it is going to be. That being said, it’s not because the decision is a lonely one that the road to that decision also has to be. Quit smoking with a friend and avoid that lonely road!

This is why quitting at the same time as a friend – not a colleague or co-worker, or an acquaintance, a friend! – can be of tremendous help. When you stop smoking cigarettes at the same time as a friend, you know that there is someone out there that is going through the exact same thing as you are. If he or she seems to be coping well, then there is no reason for you not to. If he or she is having difficulties, you can bolster his or her morale with a little bit of yours. After all, isn’t that what friends are for?

Not being alone in the early stages of withdrawal can really make or break your attempt at quitting smoking. You don’t want anyone to see you fail, to see the moment when your will crumbles, so you will not let it happen. And by the time your friend goes of for the night, or whatever, your early cravings will have passed.

Make sure to be there for your friend as much – or more – as he or she is there for you. Remember that if they fail and you succeed, you’ll have to endure their cigarette smoke in your face for weeks, or months, until they decide to try again to quit smoking. Ensuring their success is just as crucial as ensuring yours, for both of your long-term prospects at being a successful, happy and healthy non-smoker!