Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

So you’ve decided to quit smoking. You have done your research. You are ready. You have decided to quit cold turkey. While quitting cold turkey implies going at it alone, it does not mean that you won’t need help. Quitting cold turkey means that no prescription drugs will be used and no gradual reduction with is applied. Congrats!

Now, how are going to succeed? Got any tricks/wisdom up your sleeve?

Many people regard quitting cold turkey as the only way with personal triumph or personal credit attached. And while this may be true for some, every person who quits regardless of the method needs support and needs tools to succeed. So you’ve stopped smoking, and the only thing left to do is not smoke. Your method simply involves an on-off switch. You were a smoker and now you are not. Each day you do not smoke is an accomplishment.

In order to be successful, you must fully commit to stopping smoking. Smoking cessation is effective only if you have the willpower, desire, and the support. In my opinion becoming smoke free for good is least effective when this method is used. Statistics show that quitting cold turkey is just as effective as any other method. But, in my experience and with those that I know, quitting cold turkey was not very effective as a permanent solution for smoking cessation. For me, even if I was able to quit cold turkey for several years, I always came back to the poison.

Cold turkey quitting involves hard work. But it’s worth it. Make sure you surround yourself with a positive, supportive network. Make sure you change your habits. Often, quitting smoking cold turkey is effortless. Success can be yours if you persist in your efforts.

Make the decision and stick to it!