Plan Your Day to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Carefully

Picking a date for quitting smoking is a big event. That date will be the beginning of the rest of your life, the one day that will potentially extend your life by five, ten or even twenty years, depending on your level of cigarette consumption. Do not underestimate not only the significance of your quitting date, but also the planning that must go into it if you are to go to bed that night a non-smoker, not just someone who has failed, yet again, at quitting cigarettes.

Planning your big day is a multi-faceted business! First, you have to pick the date correctly. Not too close to the holidays, your birthday or some other celebration, not too far into the future and not tomorrow, either. Make sure that you pick your day to quit smoking cigarettes well to give you the maximum of chances to go through with your plan.

When planning for your big day, plan! Don’t just say that this is going the day that you quit smoking and leave everything to chance! Make sure you have plenty of bottled water, low-sugar fruit juices and low-calorie snacks at the house, or at the office if you plan on quitting smoking on a work day.

Moreover, make sure that you plan enough to keep you occupied. You may want to go somewhere where smoking isn’t allowed, such as the movies, or do an activity that is completely and physically impossible to do while smoking, like going for a bike ride, for example. Give your lungs a good workout, they need it!

Don’t overdo it on your quitting day, though. Give yourself a break and allow for plenty of time to rest. There will be plenty of opportunities in your non-smoking future for activities. The important thing is that on your quitting day, you don’t find yourself with too many idle moments, as they may lead back to smoking cigarettes.

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