Join a Support Group to Help Quit Smoking

You’ve decided to quit. Good for you. You can do it! You can quit smoking. But, why battle through it alone. Yes, your friends are there for you, yes your family is proud of your decision and your boss that you no longer need as many breaks. Of course you need to be your own number one cheerleader but there is no denying the benefits of a support group to help you get through the rough patches.

A support group can be just that friends, family and co-workers. Support can mean the people in your surroundings that give you the occasional at-a-girl or the colleague that tempts you just so that you can proudly say, “No thank you, I don’t smoke”, giving you the pride and self-confidence of knowing that yes you can do it.

However, support groups can be more specific than that. I know that in my surroundings very few people know the benefits of a support group or are familiar with where to find one. But, really they are all over the place. Finding a support group can be as simple as opening up the classifieds, searching the post board at the gym/grocery store/school, or most importantly these days search online websites such as kijiji. The benefits are numerous. Support group are people like you sharing the same path at a particular moment in time. It is not always effective to quit with a friend so by using a support group, you are already joined with people who share the same goal. You can profit from each others strength, motivate and be motivated by the success of others. By sticking with the same support group, failing is not an option. But should you have a weak moment, instead of negativity and people saying I knew you wouldn’t/couldn’t do it, you will get encouragement and praise and even more support/wisdom from those that have stood in your shoes at the same place where you are.