Estimate Gifts in Terms of Cost of Packs of Cigarettes

Smoking is an expensive habit to sustain between the rising costs of the actual packs of cigarettes, the decorative ashtrays, the multiple lighters and other paraphernalia. But, we tell ourselves that the cost is worth it that the cost is minimal compared to the enjoyment that we get out of the act of smoking.

In order to make this cost more concrete, more real, try making a list of things that you want to buy for yourself or someone else and assign the cost in terms of packs of smokes instead of dollar values.

I like many other did not succeed on several occasions at becoming a non-smoker. My friends and family used to tell me to put the money I would save by not smoking in a jar and to accumulate it to see tangible results. However, this never worked for me; life got in the way and required those precious savings.

A more effective method that I have found that meets both needs is to evaluate those unexpected purchases, in terms of cigarettes and smoking accessories. For example, I know that certain months are pricier because of birthdays and anniversaries occurring within a short time span. So I started tracking the expenses in terms of packs of cigarettes. If I was going to spend on average 50$-60$ per person then that would imply 5-6 packs of cigarettes per person. The cost of going out to dinner was even more significant; if the dinner costs $100 for 2 people for the average week-end meal, this is equal to 10 packs of smokes. After a while, this simple act of tracking purchases in terms of cigarettes packs allowed me to quit smoking.

Estimating purchases in terms of the packs of cigarettes eventually was the driving factor in allowing me to get rid of the habit. And once I quit, I continued the habit of estimating the cost of stuff in terms of packs of cigarettes and it strengthened my resolve. Also, because I was no longer spending that money on cigarettes I could actually put it aside to buy those presents for my loved ones without any remorse or sense that the money was being pulled out of somewhere else.