Don’t Quit Smoking During the Holidays

It is a well-known fact to for many people, the fear of gaining weight when quitting smoking is a major impediment to them stopping smoking and enjoying a tremendously heightened quality of life. The sad reality is that gaining weight when quitting smoking is not a problem that affects everyone, and of those who are affected, the weight gain is very often minimal. Studies show that someone of average height and weight would need to gain over 120 pounds to nullify the positive effects of quitting smoking!

My point is that gaining weight when smoking is not a problem, even if it occurs, which is far from certain. Nevertheless, this fear needs to be addressed, since it seems to possess a great number of would-be non-smokers. Besides being aware of your general food consumption and cutting down on sugar before quitting smoking, certain steps can be taken to minimize your chances of gaining weight after quitting smoking.

One of the things that you control, no matter the program to quit smoking you are using, is the date at which you decide that enough is enough. If at all possible, try to chose a date far from any celebration, such as the Christmas holidays. This period is rife with temptation, and for most people, overeating. As you are quitting smoking, you want to be able to exercise control over all areas of your life in a way that will reduce temptation. Placing yourself in a position where there is great quantities of food and many opportunities to eat it will not help you avoid gaining weight!

Let me be clear, though: despite your possible fear of gaining weight, you should be even more fearful of smoking even just one more day. Any day that you quit is the right one, always. You’re better of quitting on Christmas morning if it’s what works for you. Gaining weight, as unpleasant as it may seem, is a lot better than keeping smoking!