Stop Buying Cigarettes By the Carton

If you’re a serious smoker – and if you’re readying this I’ve no doubts that you are – then you most certainly are buying cigarettes by the carton. Chances are that you have even bought your cigarettes by the bag rather than the carton. If you doubted your addiction before, and you’re buying cigarettes by the bag, there is no denying it now! I know it costs less money to buy by the carton, although usually not significantly less, but the point here is not to save money, but rather to make smoking inconvenient and a pain in the behind!

So stop buying cigarettes by the carton. In fact, stop buying more than a single pack at a time. This will force you to make many more trips to the convenience store, or wherever you buy your smokes. Not only will this be inconvenient, but the act of reaching in your pocket to pay for your cancer sticks what seems like 10 times a day (hopefully it’ll be less than that!) will really bring home the reality of what you are doing to yourselves.

In reality, what you should really be doing is wait until your pack is over before buying a new one. As an ex-smoker myself, I know the feeling of panic that engulfed me when I thought of the idea of not having any cigarettes, so it’s not super pleasant. Just start not buying cigarettes by the carton, and take it from there!

Now nobody is saying that not buying cigarettes by the carton will make you quit smoking, or even cut down. The idea is that all those little inconveniences that you pile up on yourself will add up, and will give you something to hold on to when finally comes the time to kick the nasty habit for good.