Smoke your First Cigarette Later to Help Cut Down

Your goal is to reduce the number of cigarettes you consume in a day, with the certain knowledge that eventually, you will question the validity of smoking the few remaining cigarettes you allow yourself, and you will just quit smoking, dancing in the street and marvelling at your awesome willpower and determination. And so should you! But to get to that point, there are certain things you can do to help you smoke less cigarettes and thus lessen the grip that nicotine has on you.

One of the things you can do, and should, because it’s really easy, is to start smoking a little bit later each day. If you have your first cigarette immediately when you wake up, then wait until coffee’s ready. If your routine is to have your first cigarette with your coffee, than move that baby up to when you leave the house. If that was your normal time, then just wait until you get to work – or smoke in the car, assuming you’re not driving your young children to school.

You see what I’m getting to. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to move up the time every single day, so maybe you move up the time for your first cigarette in weekly increments, giving yourself time to get used to the new routine before disrupting it. This routine to help you reduce your cigarette smoking should be used in conjunction with a firm date that you’ve already picked. Figure out the math – it’s easier than it sounds – and make sure that your cigarette smoking reduction will culminate nicely with the date you have chosen.

Of course, pushing back the time of day at which you smoke your first cigarette is not the holy grail of quitting smoking. Stopping smoking requires a little bit more than that, but if you can do that and stick to it, you’re on the right track!