Smoke Only in Odd or Even Hours of the Day

Reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day will not make you quit smoking, but should increase your overall well-being just enough so that you may see the benefits of actually quitting completely. Everyone knows that it’s the nicotine that keeps you returning to the cigarettes, but nicotine in itself is not that bad. What’s really bad is the tar, cyanide and everything else. I’m not saying that you should every day with nicotine in your cereal, or that it’s in any way good for you, but it’s not the real killer.

A popular, if artificial way to reduce your cigarette and thus your tar and cyanide intake during the day is to chose that you will only smoke during odd or even hours of the day.

As previously noted, this is a completely arbitrary method that has no redeeming qualities but for the fact that at the very best it will delay your smoking by an hour. Of course, being human, you’ll try to find loopholes around it, such as lighting up a cigarette just before your hour is up, and heaven knows what else. I know, I’ve been there, but in reality, you will just cut down on the amount of tar you take in. You’ll be just as addicted to cigarettes as you were before, but you’ll have that much less tar in your lungs.

In my opinion, this method of reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day is arbitrary, pure torture and completely inappropriate. It will not break your habits, and in the end, unless you are a real chain-smoking tar-hound, you’ll smoke just as much as before. You’re much better off putting off your first cigarette of the day by as long as you can stand, and smoking at your own pace afterwards. At least you’ll have a portion of your day with no tar, no cyanide, no nicotine, where you can feel like a non-smoker instead of just some dude waiting for his next cigarette.