Smoke Only Half of Each Cigarette To Help Cut Down

It’s been hours since you have been able to get out and enjoy a smoke. You finally manage to break away from the daily grind and hurry outside, the cigarette already in your mouth, the lighter in hand since you stepped off the elevator. As you breathe in the fresh outside air through your nostrils, you flick your lighter and the familiar smell of your favourite cigarette brand fills the air. You think to yourself, “finally, I work hard and I deserve to reward myself’’.

Do you honestly believe that each inhale of your cigarette is actually enjoyed? I’m sure you will probably agree that it is really only the first couple of puffs that provide enjoyment and benefit after that, it is purely a waiting game to get to the end of your cigarette, merely time filler. So why do you have to smoke the entire cigarette. You could stop after that first enjoyable deep breath of toxins. Smoking only half of the cigarette will still feed your psychological, physiological and social needs but help you to reduce you intake.

We all know the health concerns and social stigmas associated with being a smoker, so I have a quick easy fix that requires little effort or commitment: just smoke one half of each cigarette. Smoking a partial cigarette will not force any change of lifestyle or cause any increased obligation of your time or energy. Smoking only part of the cigarette has two benefits, the first being that you didn’t smoke the second half unnecessarily just because the cigarette was there and you didn’t want to waste it. The second advantage of clipping your cigarette is that it leaves a fragrant reminder of your enjoyable pastime.

If you are committed to reducing the harmful effects of your habits, but are not quite ready to stop smoking completely, its easy: just smoke half your cigarette, you do not need to smoke the entire butt right down to the filter. Just smoke half of the cigarette and you can reduce your dependence without all the hard work.