Look at Yourself in the Mirrow When you Light Up

Smoking cigarettes automatically is the bane of every smoker. If you smoked every single one of the cigarettes you smoke in a day while being fully aware of it, you would probably not smoke as much. You would realize that you don’t need this or that cigarette, and that in many cases you can find a better use for your time than smoking cigarettes.

There are many ways to make sure that you notice all the cigarettes you smoke in a day. You can place your cigarettes in the wrong pocket of your pants, you can leave them in your satchel, or in a locked drawer at home or at the office. Of course, all these methods are subject to that most human of instincts: habit! With these methods, you will repeatedly have to find new ways of proceeding, or you will just get used to and comfortable with your cigarette-awareness methods.

The best way to make absolutely sure you are conscious of every single cigarette you smoke in a day is to look yourself in the eyes, in a mirror, every time you put a light to one of those cigarettes. You will not be able to avoid your own gaze as you stare yourself down! In many cases, you will realize as you look into your eyes that you do not need that precise cigarette, and that you can probably wait for the next smoke break.

Self-awareness is the first step to take on the road to quitting smoking. It will allow you to keep the idea that you are smoking – ingesting harmful chemicals dozens of times a day – at the front of your mind. And every time you look in the mirror, you’ll be asking yourself: “Why am I doing this? Why am I poisoning myself with this tar, cyanide and other products? What pleasure can I possibly get by making a tiny fire 3 inches away from my face and breathing in the smoke?”