Don’t Empty the Ashtrays to Help you Cut Down on Smoking

You think that you’re actually enjoying the nasty cigarette you are smoking right now, and because of the magic of nicotine addiction, you actually are! But what if there were a way to remind you, each and every second of every day, how gross and disgusting smoking cigarettes actually is?

There is a way to accomplish exactly that. It doesn’t require patches, books or anything else that you don’t have. What it does require is to you be slovenly and slightly gross. That’s right. Be lazy. From now on, don’t empty your ashtrays! Just keep putting out your new cigarettes on the bones of the old ones, and depending on your rate of cigarette consumption, you’ll soon be the proud owner of a large pile of smouldering cigarette remains. With any luck, the cigarettes you put out will actually set fire to the filters of the old ones, which will force you to put your hands in the whole disgusting mess to find out the one that’s actually burning!

The fact of keeping your ashtrays completely full will act as a very unpleasant reminder of the number of cigarettes you’ve actually consumed in the last few days. And when you do empty the ashtray, make sure to never clean it completely so that there are nicotine build-ups on the side, where you leave the cigarettes to burn. If your ashtray looks like that after only a few days of burning cigarettes, imagine what your beautiful and dare I say vital lungs look like after years of smoking!

Keeping the ashtrays full and nicely disgusting will not do the quitting for you, but when the time comes to actually quit smoking cigarettes for good, you’ll have an honest reminder of the filth you are leaving behind. Just make sure that your butt collection doesn’t become a biohazard, more than it already is!