Cut Down on Smoking: Smoke Alone, In the Corner

Humans are social animals. In general, we crave the company of others; we enjoy conversation and the exchange of ideas. And despite being wedded to a killer habit, smokers are no different. We can all think of people we met when outside smoking cigarettes, people that we never would have met otherwise in circumstances that are unique to being a smoker. Well, time to blot out those pleasant memories and make new ones.

Smoking cigarettes in company is pleasant, and lets you focus on other things while you ingest your hourly dose of tar, nicotine, cyanide and God knows what else. From now on, resolve to smoke facing the wall, not talking to anyone. It’s easier said than done, I know, but if you are determined to one day be free of that crippling habit, it’s a good step to take, although no necessarily an unavoidable one.

When you get outside to smoke your cigarette, ignore all your smoking buddies. There’s no need to be rude about it, but don’t bother explaining, they’ll just suck you back in. Just turn around, facing a corner or the wall, and smoke with nothing for entertainment but the grey concrete wall in front of you and the smouldering cancer-stick in your hand.

If you manage to take out most of the social element of smoking cigarettes, you’ve already gone a long way towards your ultimate goal of being a non-smoker. Think about the times you smoke the most: these are invariably social occasions, perhaps accompanied by a drink or five! You weren’t born with a smoke in your hand, and believe it or not, non-smokers have things to do on their breaks, too. They don’t wish they were smoking a delicious cigarette, that’s for sure! Make a positive change in your life by smoking in a corner, concentrating on what exactly you are doing, which is poisoning yourself for no good reason.