Challenge Yourself not to Smoke Cigarettes for a Day

Quitting smoking cigarettes is as much a mind game as anything else. It is not about patches, gums, lozenges or other nicotine replacement systems, although for some people, these strategies will help them tremendously in their quest to become non-smokers. No, quitting smoking is a game that is played between your two ears, and at some point you have to up the ante and make decisions.

The best decision you can make, just before quitting, is to get up in the morning and decide you will not smoke cigarettes all day. It has to be a decision! Once the decision is made, all other possibilities stop existing, so there is no choice but to follow through with what you have decided, in this case, not smoking cigarettes all day.

Think about it. During the day, you smoke about a cigarette an hour, or more, whatever it is. During the night, as you are sleeping, you will go seven hours or more without smoking. Don’t think you don’t get nicotine cravings when you sleep, because you do! The fact it, they are not even powerful enough to wake you up! So if your sleeping self can shrug off nicotine cravings because it enjoys sleeping more than it does smoking, st stands to reason that you can do the same thing, consciously, for a single day?

I know that some people are indeed woken up by nicotine cravings, and light up a cigarette in the middle of the night. I was there for a while, but that is far from the majority of smokers.

In the quest to become a non-smoker, it is important to set up these battles between you and the cigarettes, and to win them. You may not win them all – no one does – but you must prove to yourself that you can do it. And you can! With the right tools and the right frame of mind, you’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll be!