Have Realistic Expectations about Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking cigarettes for good is a process that is multi-faceted. It is not only a matter of getting rid of a nicotine addiction, or only a matter of breaking some habits that you may have developed, such as holding something in your hand or mouth. It is not only a matter of saying goodbye to some relationships that are based solely on mutual need to tobacco fulfilment – your smoking buddies at the office, for example.

Rather, it seems that stopping smoking cigarettes is a combination of all those factors. You must get rid of your nicotine addiction, of course, as it is the glue that holds everything else together, but that doesn’t mean that the other aspects of quitting smoking are going to come naturally. You will have to examine, in detail, every facet of your habits and mannerisms in a way that will allow you to root out anything tobacco or smoking related.

I’m telling you this because you need to have realistic expectations about quitting smoking cigarettes. For some people, it is only a matter of throwing away the cigarettes, deciding that you are now a non-smoker, and never smoke again, easy as that. I know some people that have quit like that, and have stayed quit for many years so far. Easy as pie. Unfortunately, for most people, quitting smoking is a process that is a little more involved. Relentless add campaigns by the new nicotine pushers – pharmaceutical companies – telling us that quitting smoking is near impossible without the help of their gums, lozenges or patches do not help the situation.

Just remember that over 3 million Americans quit smoking cigarettes each and every year. It is a process that is not necessarily easy, but neither is it impossible or as hard as you’ve been led to believe. Believe in yourself, keep with the program and you’ll do just fine.