Drink Water Before Meals, Avoid Weight Gain after Quitting Smoking

A fear a great many people have about quitting smoking is that they will gain weight after quitting, and will soon look like a beached whale on vacation. Rest assured that this is an extreme case, in that in the immense majority of cases, the weight gain after stopping smoking cigarettes will be minimal.

In any case, gaining a few pounds, even permanently (which doesn’t really happen) is a small price to pay to be rid of the evil and addiction of nicotine. You are MUCH better off carrying 4-5 pounds to many than smoking 15-25 cigarettes a day, there is no comparison!

But do not worry about the possible weight gain. It’s true that if you abandon all control and just dive into all kinds of fatty foods telling yourself: “It’s Ok, at least I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore!” you will pack the pounds on faster than you would have believed!
But you are not an animal – at least not that kind – and you will be able to exercise control over your body and your eating habits. You’ve just quit smoking, how hard can it be?

One of the easiest way to avoid eating like a total porker at every occasion is to drink a lot of water. Make sure that you drink two tall glasses of water before every single meal, this will have the double effect of quenching your thirst, as well as filling up your stomach. Whatever space is taken by the water can’t be filled by food, right? And since water is absorbed directly through the stomach lining – it doesn’t need to be digested – you’ll soon have room for another pair of tall glasses of water!

Drinking a lot of water before meals is not only a great way to make sure you don’t overeat as a result of quitting smoking, but it’s great for your health, too, as studies show that as North Americans, we don’t drink nearly as much water as we should.