Think of Stopping Smoking One Day at a Time

For the long term smoker, cigarette consumption is so ingrained in your being that it is often difficult to imagine life any other way. But it is possible to live very happily without the crutch of cigarettes, and indeed longer and in better shape.

But I also know, having been there before, that it is sometimes extremely difficult to envision your life without cigarettes, and just that mental image, just imagining not having cigarettes, is enough to make you cringe and run for a cigarette immediately.

When you decide to quit smoking, even though you know it is a long term process, it is imperative that you not think in terms of never smoking again. Just focus on going through one day at a time, even one hour at a time if that is what it takes.

There is another school of though, to which I actually adhere, that a decision must be made about quitting, and that you should decide to never, ever touch another tobacco product in your life. That method has worked for me, but I also know that in most cases, it is infinitely more productive and ultimately successful to think of quitting in terms of one day at a time.

It is the reality, anyways, as you must go through your withdrawal symptoms, however mild or severe, on your own and one day at a time. Quitting smoking cigarettes is a private matter that is more often settled between your two ears before you even choose the date, so being in the right frame of mind when quitting is crucial.

If you have to tell yourself that you are fighting a new fight each day on your quest to quit smoking and stay quit, then that is the method that you must use. There is no wrong way to quit smoking, only a possible wrong outcome: failing at quitting smoking!