Take Public Transportation to Help Break the Habit

If you are like most North Americans or Europeans for that matter, you almost certainly spend an inordinate amount of time in your car. When you have just quit smoking, you will find that there are temptations everywhere around you, even in places you least expected. Your strongest temptation may not come with ending a nice meal, or having a drink at a club. It may be something as simple as getting in your car and turning on the radio!

That’s right: smoking habits are so ingrained through repetition that they will show up in the unlikeliest of places. If you do a one-hour commute every day, that means you spend a minimum of two hours in the car, every single week day. That means that about 15% of your waking hours are spent by yourself, in the car, listening to the radio or whatnot. Maybe you also drink a coffee. The point is that a great many of the cigarettes you will smoke that day will be smoked in the car. That’s a very ingrained habit, and one that may be surprisingly hard to break!

When you have just quit smoking cigarettes, do yourself a favour and play it safe. Avoid taking your car if you can, and if you do, try giving a lift to a non-smoker so you can’t comfortably smoke in his or her face. Moreover, the conversation will certainly change your focus away from cigarettes. Stopping smoking cigarettes is a worthwhile goal, and if it means you have to take – gasp! – public transportation for a little while, then so be it.

Remember that each time you have a craving to smoke, it is your nicotine addiction struggling to stay alive. If you feed it – even just once – you have to start over quitting smoking again. Know that temptation will find you, and make sure you have the proper tools to take care of the business of staying quit!