Stretching and Exercising will Help you Forget Cigarettes

A healthy mind in a healthy body. That is a great saying, and a great ideal to shoot for. And believe me, stopping smoking cigarettes is a fantastic and major step to take into making this a reality. I do about 7 hours of strenuous physical activity a week, martial arts in my case. I can tell you from personal experience that two days after quitting smoking cigarettes, exercises that were killers before, when I was a smoker, had become merely gruelling, and the annoying stuff became pleasant! My point is not that you should take up martial arts – although everyone should – but that you will see great physical changes in your body and the way your react to exercise almost immediately after stopping smoking cigarettes.

It is important to take care of your body, but it is equally crucial to do so in a way that will clear your mind of those nasty tobacco cravings. Now the recipe I give you here is not foolproof, but it certainly helped me through the rough patches.

Stretch. Stretch your legs, your arms, your shoulders, your hips, rotate you knees and don’t neglect your elbows, the usual forgotten of the stretching routine. Take your time and go slowly, paying complete and utter attention to what your body is telling you. The goal here is to focus your mind on your body, not to hurt it and prevent you from stretching again.

Getting your body limber, if not in actual shape, will help you greatly on the road to stay tobacco free. After being atrophied by cigarette smoke for so long, every inch of your body will appreciate being allowed to stretch, in a manner that is respectful to your current limits. Although you may not be able to do a complete split on day one, or touch your toes with your fingers, you will appreciate the fact that being agile and limber will take the years of you like a rejuvenating potion!