Relapses Are Normal When Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

Knowing what to expect when quitting smoking cigarettes is one of the most important aspects of getting rid of this nasty and smelly habit. Everyone has a different experience when stopping smoking, but there are certain standards that almost every individual attempting to kick the habit can expect.

It is very important to be aware of the possibility of relapses when quitting smoking cigarettes. A relapse is defined as a temporary failure of your stop smoking endeavour, characterized by the consumption of one or several cigarettes over a defined period of time. A relapse can either lead to full blown cigarette smoking again, or be quickly ended by a surge of willpower, leading you to continue your efforts to stop smoking.

What is crucial to understand is that a relapse does not have to be a long term failure. Since almost everyone who quits smoking does not manage to do so on their first try, relapses are normal and expected for almost everyone who takes the courageous and beneficial decision to stop smoking.

When you feel a relapse coming on, don’t let it rule you. Remember the reasons that you gave yourself to stop smoking in the first place. They have not changed, and you should not let a temporary craving get in the way of your long term success. To avoid a relapse, be sure to involve all the resources you can muster in your quit smoking arsenal of tools. Shore up your willpower, contact friends and family and share your plight with them. You will be surprised to notice that as you tell them, your urge to smoke will certainly greatly diminish, to the point where a cigarette is no longer necessary.

Always be on your guard, and expect that you will be tempted with relapses of nicotine and tobacco; remember who’s in charge. You’re the one leading the charge, not nicotine. Don’t let it rule you.