Make New Non-Smoker Friends

Quitting smoking is a great adventure, one with many pitfalls, risks, temptations and chances to fail, but the rewards for success are greater than you could imagine! Wealth, energy, long life, what more could anyone ask for! When you have just stopped smoking cigarettes, you will find that temptations are all around you, waiting to ensnare you in their traps and lure you into feeding the nicotine demon yet again, dooming your quitting efforts to certain failure.

Avoiding these traps is fun and part of the game, developing new habits, making new friends, et cetera. But sometimes, you will find that you have to step right into the lion’s den, because of social obligations or whatever. Going out to a club, a cocktail or perhaps a dinner party. You can see the pattern from here. There will be smokers right in your face all night. If they are slightly polite, they will probably go outside to smoke, but that’s where the barbecue is! You will be exposed to their noxious fumes and to the enticing tobacco habit.

So instead of fretting all evening and being nervous, why not make an effort to make new friends? Non-smokers greatly outnumber smokers now, so at any cocktail or dinner party, the number of non-smokers to associate with will be great. These are new people, with whom you probably never had much reason to socialize because of your erstwhile habit. Now is the chance to catch up on lost time and make new friends!

You can always chat up your friends that are still smoking cigarettes in a setting less conducive to temptation and ultimate failure. If any of your friends have tried quitting smoking cigarettes before, they’ll understand what you’re going through and will be helpful and respectful of your wishes to not be overly exposed to cigarettes.