Light Insence Instead of Smoking Cigarettes

Smoke can be a wonderful thing. Smoke, for example, when seen around a camp fire brings feelings of joy and excitement. When you are awaken from the smoke emanating from your neighbours apartment, it provides the necessary warning to get out the building as quickly as possible. Lighting a cigarette stick and inhaling the toxins, only to blow smoke in the clean air provides absolutely no purpose. The tough guy image is no longer applicable to this addiction and whatever so-called benefit you believe that you are getting are not worth it, I can assure you that. My goal is not to preach, I too smoked for far too long before finally kicking the habit. I am here to provide some insight and helpful hints to stay healthy and life a smoke-free life! So listen up.

Instead of lighting a cigarette and adding a horrible smell into your environment that lingers for a long time, why not light some incense? Lighting incense instead of smoking a cigarette will add a beautiful odour into the air. Many types of incense actually provide relaxation and can stimulate several emotions depending on the aromatic oils imbedded into them.

At the beginning, you may find it useful to light the incense and hold it in your hand. Breathe in and as you exhale blow on the incense to create an intoxicating red colour and additional smoke coming out the stick of incense. Simulating the smoke being expelled from your body will often be enough to stave off temptation. A simple act. Lighting incense is innocent and it also can create a different type of environment: hopeful, erotic, happy, of even sad. Smells can evoke all sorts of feelings. It is your choice. Do you want to let tobacco determine your mood? I don’t think so.

Instead of smoking, light some incense or a fruity candle and get lost in your own imagination. Lighting incense does not need to be the focus either, light the incense and sit back and enjoy the wonderful smells while continuing to life your life.