Keep Your Mouth Busy to Avoid Thinking of Smoking

If you’re reading this, then you almost certainly already know that habit and mannerism are very significant components in every addiction, in particular nicotine and tobacco addiction. Since smoking cigarettes is perfectly legal, it is something that you will find yourself doing in every situation of your every day life, whether it is at home, watching TV or playing computer games, or walking on the street, or even at work, when taking the mandatory breaks becomes a smoking religion.

It is therefore normal that once you have quit smoking, you will miss having something in your hand, as you had a cigarette before. Just to reassure you, this addiction is very easy to break and depending on the level of your addiction – how long you have been smoking cigarettes – should not take more than a few weeks to get rid of.

An easy way to start getting rid of that empty feeling in your hands, that jitteriness that makes you think about smoking, is to just replace the cigarette with something harmless. There is certainly no harm in fondling a pencil or a paper clip, for example, so you should do just that. A small squeezable stress ball may also be appropriate for that purpose.

I know that it is sometimes recommended to use a fake cigarette as a way of quitting smoking so that you have something to ‘puff’ on that is not tobacco. In my opinion, this may not be the best thing because it will constantly remind you that you are not smoking an actual cigarette. Of course, whatever works at getting you to stop and stay stopped is the right method, but I think that playing with a pencil is a much better idea, in the long run.

Just make sure you busy your hands with something that won’t break too easily, or spill ink if bitten, and you’ll be rid of the mannerism component of quitting smoking very quickly!