Keep Your Hands Busy to Break Your Cigarette Smoking Habit

There are several aspects and facets to being addicted to cigarette. One of them is addiction to nicotine, the main addictive ingredient in cigarettes. Nicotine has been classified as an extremely addictive drug; some even claim that it is more addictive than cocaine or heroin. The other facet of being addicted to smoking cigarettes is the behavioural component of addiction. Indeed, you have been repeating and repeating, over and over, reinforcing behaviour and associating all of life’s pleasures with cigarettes.

Obviously, a good TV show is good without the cigarettes; a good book stands on its own without a cigarette to prop it up, et cetera. But you have been associating all those things with having a burning stick of tobacco in your hand, and that’s a harder habit to break than you would think.

One of the things that can be done to help attenuate the behavioural component of quitting smoking cigarettes is to keep your hands busy, in a natural way. If your hands always have something in them, first it means that you are busy with something that hopefully requires at least some level of concentration, and two, that your hands, and you, are too busy to be holding and smoking a cigarette.

You don’t need to look very far for things to do with your hands. It could be something as simple as trying out the crossword puzzle in your daily newspaper, or perhaps even doing some household chores you’ve been putting off! Perhaps gardening is more your thing? Then don’t let quitting cigarettes stop you!

Many smokers, when they quit smoking cigarettes, report feeling hyperactive the first few days. This is in all probability due to the unconscious desire to keep extremely busy so as not to think about cigarettes. See, even your subconscious mind wants you to stop smoking cigarettes!