Go for a Walk after Dinner instead of Smoking a Cigarette!

One of the greatest things about quitting smoking, and that you will feel the effects of immediately, is your energy level. Just a few days after stopping smoking you will realize that you can effortlessly climb stairs, where before you only could take the elevator and climbing the stairs was a painful and potentially dangerous endeavour!

As a new non-smoker, you should take every possibility and every opportunity to exercise your muscles in ways you could not before. If at all possible, try to combine physical activity with a need to extricate yourself from a potential danger situation.

For example, the after dinner cigarette, after every single meal in fact, is an institution in itself, a ritual, a cigarette smoking rule that can not be broken. And just for that reason, this is a habit you must destroy! What better way than after having enjoyed a delicious dinner, you stand up, stretch, and step outside for a few minutes? But instead of lighting a nasty cancer stick, you stretch your legs a little and go for a pleasant, fast walk around the block, making sure you inhale and exhale deeply, feeling the oxygen gush from your lungs into your blood and muscles!

This has got to be better than doing the exact opposite, huddling away from the wind as you prepare your hourly dose of taste-killing tar, cyanide and nicotine!

Going for a short, five-minute walk when you finish a meal will seem a bit strange to your dinner guests or friends the first time you do it, but when they understand that you are replacing the poison of cigarette smoking with a vigorous few minutes of pleasant exercise, they will encourage you and most certainly will want to join you as you stroll around the block, recharging your batteries, settling your stomach and in general heightening your level of well-being and health!