Brush your teeth instead of Smoking Cigarettes!

One of the really nice things about being a non-smoker, one thing that every one you know will be very grateful for but will never tell you, is that you no longer smell disgusting. To the nose of a non-smoker, being around a smoker is like breathing in from the bottom of a spittoon. Gross, rank and nasty, the smell of old cigarettes clings to the smoker like nothing else.

If your better half, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife is a non-smoker, while you are a smoker, I hope you tell them on a daily basis what a wonderful, caring and loving person they are, because it’s the truth! Imagine licking the bottom of an ashtray. Even as a smoker, that has got to gross you out. Well, for them, kissing you is exactly that, except they love you and have to pretend to enjoy it. So be grateful.

The bottom line is that once you are no longer a smoker and have joined the ranks of the non-smelling majority, you will have a chance to give your mouth and your loved ones a big break, by not being the nasty smoker in the room.

Indeed, if you have a craving to smoke a cigarette, just go the washroom and brush your teeth, giving them that new teeth smell! Make them as shiny as you just go out of the dentist, and you will have no desire to ruin your fresh breath and beautiful teeth with a nasty tobacco stick. If you are in a setting that does not allow for the convenient brushing of teeth, just use mouthwash, making sure not to swallow it – or at least not too often!

Using mouthwash and brushing your teeth with toothpaste are only two of the tricks you can use to keep your mouth fresh and your smell tolerable throughout the day. Make sure to use them as often as you want to control those cravings, and you’ll be the most popular non-smoker in the building!