Avoid Temptation with the Library, Museum or Theater

For many people, quitting smoking is a difficult and daring balancing act between avoiding temptation and remaining as close to their previous life as possible. It is fully understandable that after many years of smoking, you have made friends and developed habits that you do not necessarily want to get rid of, even when quitting smoking. I would suggest that you put every chances on your side and skew the balancing act of quitting smoking cigarettes in your favour, if only for the crucial first few weeks of your stopping smoking cigarettes.

Your smoking friends will still be there when you have quit for long enough that you can stay in their presence and avoid the temptation of smoking. They will not resent your going away for a little while, and if they are real friends, will celebrate and encourage your efforts!

But for the first few weeks or months after quitting smoking tobacco, put every chance on your side and try to stay in places where smoking is not permitted. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you live this may be easier – or not – but generally, try libraries, museums or theatres. Not only will these places not allow you to smoke within their confines, but will also provide for durable and quality entertainment, things you may not have seen or heard otherwise. Quitting smoking is already working to increase your general culture!

In addition to these places of entertainment, you may also want to visit malls or department stores, or both. These retail establishments have more than enough to for you to see and keep busy for several hours, in which you will not be tempted to smoke.

Quitting smoking, at the beginning, is all about avoiding temptation and remaining focused. Staying away from places you can openly smoke is a sensible, cheap and effective tool in your arsenal!