After Quitting Smoking, One Cigarette Will Hurt

You are either a smoker or a non-smoker. There is really no in between. Yes, there are those that smoke less and those that smoke more. Yes there are people who are so-called social smokers and those that wake up in the middle because of the need to smoke. But, once you take the decision to stop smoking, you must do just that.

Cutting down on smoking works as a quitting smoking method is effective in 29% of cases in Canada as per Health Canada statistics as of 2003. It can be effective because the process allows your body to gradually adapt to lower levels of nicotine in the blood stream. However, the reverse is rarely true. Once you take the decision to stop smoking, you must keep that resolve. I have never heard anybody you was a former smoker say that when they failed and had a smoke that they gradually took on the habit. In most cases, once you break and have a smoke after a prolonged absence or a short while, all habits die hard and you will start buying packs of cigarette and probably consuming more cigarettes then you ever had before.


It will. One smoke will erase all the progress you had made for your health, for the happiness and well being of your family and will undoubtedly have an instant hold on you. It is never worth it.

One cigarette seems innocent enough. One cigarette will lead to another, do not forget it.

Every time I feel like I could use a smoke, I tell myself just that. Yeah sure one smoke would be nice. But I know that it isn’t one cigarette. It is resorting back to life under the shackles of nicotine. One cigarette leads to smelly clothes and hair, it leads to yellow teeth and an annoying persistent smoker’s cough.

Each and every time you reach for a cigarette, ask yourself an honest question. Is this one cigarette worth the slavery that will ensue?