After Quitting Smoking, Join an Organized Exercise Class

Despite everything that we wish for, quitting smoking cigarettes is a time of heightened stress. Nicotine will not want to so easily abandon its hold on you, and the habits you have created by smoking are not as easily broken and discarded as we wish they were. When facing this situation, it is crucial to have the proper tools at your disposal to make your effort to stop cigarettes completely successful so that you do not have to go through the whole thing again at a later date.

One method that I have found particularly motivating to help me quit smoking is joining an organized exercise group. Since my young age I’ve always had a problem with going to gym to work out – the boredom was killing me, you see – but an organized exercise group is something entirely different!

Join a group at your local gym or YMCA even before quitting smoking. You will meet people and make new friends that are not smokers, already unconsciously turning you towards the path of quitting smoking. Make sure you pick a class at least twice a week, ideally three times or more. For this to work, you have to take an interesting class, or at least something you do not find boring. Martial arts work for me, but you may enjoy Pilates, dancing or something else.

Regular attendance for a few months will bring you up to par, as far as you can go without quitting smoking. Once you decide to quit, you will see an explosion in your performance almost overnight, which is an incredible motivator to keep being a non-smoker! You will be able to do things you never could, practically overnight!

Joining an organized exercise class before (or after) quitting smoking is also a great way to control your weight. If you already have something to aim for – better performance in your class for example – you will not want to gain weight and jeopardize your chances of success!