After Quitting Smoking, Clean Up your Environment!

Once you have finally taken the big step to stop smoking cigarettes for good, you have to put every chance on your side so that your decision becomes a permanent lifestyle change. There are many different things you can do to make sure that you stay a non-smoker and don’t fall back into you old, disgusting habits.

The easiest one, of course, is to get rid of all cigarettes, lighters and other smoking paraphernalia. Either throw them out, or give them if you have some nice stuff you don’t want to see in the garbage, but get rid of them. The most important thing when quitting smoking is to develop a clean, safe and comfortable non-smoking environment around you.

That means that you will have to clean all the surfaces and areas that were previously in direct or constant contact with tobacco, such as the places where your ashtrays were situated. Maybe you replace your ashtrays with some nice cut or potted flowers! You will be surprised at much you can enjoy the smell of flowers now that your senses are no longer assaulted by relentless tobacco attacks!

If this is not enough, it is possible that you will have to wash the walls and the windows, but that is a small price to pay to live in a clean, non-smoking environment. It doesn’t necessarily look like it, but nasty cigarette smoke gets into everything, and leaves a sheen of tar and nicotine that is both disgusting and long lasting!

Both at work and at home, strive to remove every single trace of tobacco and cigarettes from your environment. As the number of temptations to go back to your life as a smoker diminishes, so will your determination to never fall back increase. You will then be a genuine non-smoker!