Does Eva Mendes Smoke Cigarettes?

Eva Mendes is the real-life partner of on-screen co-star Ryan Gosling, and has given the couple one daughter, back on 14 September, 2014. So a month ago today. Happy month-aversary, Esmeralda Amada! Happy wishes aside, it is my fondest wish that her mother, Eva, quit smoking cigarettes for the length of her pregnancy, as is now popular. As the photo below illustrates, Eva Mendes was a big fan of smoking cigarettes, as the picture does seem to be a candid shot rather than a scene from a movie.

Eva Mendes Smoking Cigarettes

Eva Mendes Smoking Cigarettes

I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, obviously smart, talented people with the means to quit smoking, still smoke cigarettes. Why? It doesn’t even get you high. All it does is make you die sooner, and look uglier (and stupider) on the way there.

All joking aside, every indication shows that Eva Mendes quit smoking for her pregnancy. Let’s just hope she can keep it up, the baby – and her husband – certainly don’t need any second-hand smoke!

Does Ekaterina Ivanova Smoke Cigarettes?

Putting Ekaterina Ivanova in a ‘Smoking Celebrities’ section on my website is a bit of a stretch. Since she broke up with Ronnie Wood of Rolling Stones fame, she is at best a C-lister. She does, however, seem to enjoy cigarettes very much, since she can hardly be photographed without one of the nasty things in her hands.

Ekaterina Ivanova Smoking Cigarettes

Ekaterina Ivanova Smoking Cigarettes

We have learned that Ms. Ivanova met Ronnie Wood when she dropped some cigarette ashes on his leg, so it seems that this ubiquitous tobacco product played quite the role in their getting together. Now if Ekaterina wants to stay looking youthful, and maybe snag herself another rock star, she should dump this nasty habit. She also reportedly likes doing cocaine and drinking a lot, so she may want to get her stuff together.

Does Adam Goldberg Smoke Cigarettes?

Adam Goldberg is an American actor, producer and musician, but you already know that if you are wondering if he smokes cigarettes, of all things. The star of the Hebrew Hammer is pictured below with a curvaceous young woman, and both are holding cigarettes like they intend to smoke them. No doubt they are already lit.

Adam Goldberg Smoking Cigarettes

Adam Goldberg Smoking Cigarettes

Goldberg is well-known for playing stereotypical Jewish characters, even though he isn’t really a Jew himself, since only his father was Jewish, and his mother was Catholic. We all know, of course, that Jewishness is passed through the mother.

Does Jeremy Clarkson Smoke Cigarettes?

In Clarkson’s case, asking if the poor old chap smokes cigarettes amounts to answering the question. Of course he does, and he’s not really shy about it, either! Check out this picture of the Top Gear presenter puffing away in an absolutely non-discreet way at a Triathlon, of all places! Needless to say, this is a non-sustainable habit. If Clarkson hopes to keep entertaining us for years to come with his wonderful TV program, he needs to kick this habit, pronto!

Jeremy Clarkson Smoking Cigarettes

Jeremy Clarkson Smoking Cigarettes (image courtesy of Oxford Mail)

To be fair, I am not really surprised to learn that this proper Englishman smokes cigarettes. He is of the generation when doing so was perfectly socially acceptable, the risks were mostly hidden by the cigarette companies, and people looked at you funny if you didn’t smoke.

He also has the skin tone of a long time smoker. The good news is that this is all going to get cleared out quickly when he quits smoking, if he ever does!